Introducing ARVIS™

Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System












      ARVIS™ combines tracking cameras with both a 3D display and handsfree interface in a standalone surgical headset.  The system, which includes a single tray of trackable instruments, provides the surgeon with key data without the need for imaging or external equipment. ARVIS™ is worn and controlled by the surgeon, tracks from the surgeon’s viewpoint, and delivers information to the surgeon right at the point of care. This is in stark contrast to the cumbersome equipment and workflows typical of the traditional surgical navigation and robotics systems currently on the market.

      The ARVIS™ hip and knee arthroplasty prototype has been successfully evaluated in a cadaveric environment. After the trial, Michael Alexiades, M.D. stated, “The cadaver lab for both hip and knee replacement has shown me ARVIS™ is intuitive and natural to use, and highlights that the potential of this technology is not for the far future, but is ready to implement now.”

      The combination of groundbreaking features, ease of use and intrinsically low cost make this a truly disruptive technology with extensive applications in healthcare delivery.

This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the U.S.