Introducing ARVIS™

An augmented reality headset that gives bionic vision to surgeons.

     The ARVIS™ headset has tracking and visualization capabilities which allow precise and efficient execution of preoperative surgical plans. The headset projects virtual models of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view at appropriate times during the surgical procedure so that hidden structures beneath the surface are visible. Similarly, virtual models of the implants or instruments are projected so that the surgeon can see their relationship to the hidden anatomical structures. Key measurements, such as the orientation and position of instruments and implants relative to the patient’s anatomy, are calculated and displayed numerically or graphically. This immediate access to patient-specific information can streamline the surgery, improve outcomes, and reduce patient risk.


    Our combination of groundbreaking features, ease of use and intrinsically low cost make this a truly disruptive technology with extensive applications in healthcare delivery.


See the full video below to see ARVIS™ in action and learn more about how it can benefit surgeons. This product is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the U.S.